Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mandana's critical health situation

Mandana Daneshnia, was taken to hospital by ambulance on Saturday 14th. Right after the manifestation for Iranian women was over, 31 days have passed from the hunger strike, yet there is no response from the Greek government.
Mandana has denied to take even water for about two days and due to that, her health is in danger. Earlier on the same day, Mandana was taken to hospital, but she refused to receive serum and she came back to the campaign's place.
Latter when she was taken to hospital's emergency room, the Doctors warned her and her husband, from a great danger that could harm her for lifetime or even death. Therefore, when the doctors recommended highly and warned her that if she does not accept, they will give get court's permission to give her serums, so she allowed them to give her serum. Right after she was given some medicine by the doctors, she got a very high fever and started shaking for a while, then she was feeling better.

This next video is Mandana when she is in hospital, 


Friday, November 12, 2010

Wemen rights manifestation

On Saturday, November 13,  at 5pm. the Iranian political asylum seekers campaign will have a manifestation about the women rights in Iran.
Since the beginning of the fascist Islamic regime in Iran, women rights have been taken away from them (Iranian women). Throughout the Iran's history, Iranian women have shown many times that they are just as capable and strong as men, even stronger in many ways. For 31 years of dictatorial regime in power, many Iranian women who believed in freedom, democracy and equality between man and woman, were killed in a brutal way by the Islamic regime. Even up to now, many brave women who fight for their rights and freedom, are in Iran's prisons and are under heavy persecution and tortures.
Therefore we will have a manifest ion to show the world what is happening to the Iranian women. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

The campaign's respond to Edmond with sewed mouth in Los-Angeles

Immediately the Iranian hunger strike campaign send Edmond a video in Farsi language in which the speaks man thanks Edmond for his brave action and that everyone in campaign appreciates what Edmond has done for them, to show that Iranians outside of Greece have not forgotten about the campaign. He sends regards from each member of the campaign (especially the ones with sewed mouth) to Edmond. Then he asks Edmon to open his mouth and take medical care for it, so than he can speak with open mouth on behalf of the ones who sewed their mouth in Athens that are in horrible health situation. The video below is the Campaign's message to Mr. Edmond.

Ahmad Moradi's Difficult struggle

Ahmad Moradi, one of the hunger strikers who sewed his mouth, had to go to hospital today due to terrible mouth infection. The infection has gone throughout his gum of the teeth and his face, and could pass on to upper part of his face and also to his heart. The doctors at hospital warned him on a great danger that can happen, so eventually, without other way, the doctors had to open his mouth which was closed by stitches. Even Ahmad Moradi was unhappy with that, but his health was in a great danger and there was no other way for doctors to operate on his mouth, with closed lips! He has shown his brave action of sewing lips for twenty-six days. He is still on hunger strike just as he was before, but his mouth is open!
The Greek government MUST take action and answer these people immediately. Until when should they suffer from the pain of closed mouth and hunger? 

An Iranian man sewed his mouth in Los-Angeles

An Iranian man named Edmond sewed his lips in front of the Greek Consulate in Los-Angeles, to show his support for the Iranian political asylum seekers campaign in Athens Greece. Even though the weather is cold and sewing lips hearts a lot, he did it to show to the Greek government that the  Iranian political asylum seekers in Greece who went on hunger strike and sewed their mouth, are not alone.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mohammad Poursamad goes to hospital


Mohammad Poursamad,  a hunger striker with sewed mouth, was taken to hospital. The Iranian political asylum seekers campaign started its sixty-sixth day of strike and twenty-third day of hunger strike. For these twenty-three days, the hunger strikers have been to hospital many times. Their healths are in bad conditions and when we look at them, there is a great difference in their appearance than it was twenty-three days ago. 

Mohammad has been Greece for about 13 year, he has 3 children and his smallest doughtier was born in Greece. It is important to notice that Mohammad suffers from heart and back conditions.